Friday, May 31, 2013

May Empties

Would you believe it's already the end of May! I feel like this year has flown by very quickly so far which is scary, but also exciting as it means only 24 days until my trip!
I didn't empty too many products this month but thankfully it is something as I have such a backlog of products to get through.

- Pantene Nourished Shine Conditioner: this conditioner is great for my damaged hair and it really makes a huge difference to how manageable it is for the days after using it. It is a nice thick conditioner that detangles super easily. I'll be buying this again.

- Priceline Nail Polish Remover: this works just as well as any other old nail polish remover. I found that I had a few bottles on the go so its good I got through one finally! I would buy this again.

- Clinique Clarifying Lotion: this was a deluxe sample that I got with the face wash and moisturiser. I managed to accidentally pour 1/4 of this out when I tipped it over so I would be more keen for a better bottle design for clumsy people like me! Although I liked this I wouldn't be willing to pay for a full size bottle as Cinique is too expensive for me in Australia.

- The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Polynesian Lotus: a deluxe sample I got last year but have finally managed to finish. This is quite a runny moisturiser so not really for me. It smelt beautiful though and the scent lingered on my skin all day. I wouldn't buy this for myself but maybe as a gift.

- Biotherm Pure-fect Skin: yet another sample! This moisturiser worked very well on my combination/oily skin. I would consider buying this in the future but as I am trying to save money I can't justify it right now.

- Listerine Total Care: this was a sample from PinchMe. This is probably my favourite of the Listerine range but still not amazing enough to make me want to buy it. I don't really like the feeling of my mouth beginning to burn so I think I'll just stick to flossing and brushing for now.

- Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days: this is a new product that I got a sample of. I used to love Garnier products but I have found that the skin on the rest of my body requires more intense moisturisation. This product smells very nice but didn't even keep my skin moisturised for 24 hours let alone 7 days. Also this is more of a gel product than a cream. I wouldn't buy this product.

- Cenovis Vitamin C: I had been getting run down quite often at the start of the year so added some vitamin C to my daily routine. I like that they are chewable tablets and they taste quite nice. I have read that they aren't great for your teeth though so I won't be buying this again just yet.

How many products did you finish this month?


  1. Is the Priceline polish remover cheap? I just buy the cheapest I can find, I go through it so quickly! The Coles brand one is only $2.80 :)

    It's good to hear you liked the Pantene many people (hairdressers) seem to hate Pantene.

    1. Hi Sarah! I bought this one ages ago, I think it was only about $3. I don't see the point of spending much on nail polish remover as they all are very similar.

      I find the Pantene to work for me-maybe because I swim so much and I need something that weighs my hair down a little. I've heard many hairdressers don't like it but it works for me so I'll stick with it for now :)