Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Le Tan Wash Off Bronze Plus Giveaway

I've got a review for you all today for a product that is perfect for Spring and Summer, especially if you are pale like me! I've always been pale and I don't tan at all so I've had to get used to seeing everyone else with their gorgeously tanned legs in Summer. I've always been wary of using fake tans as I have seen way too many streaky legs and orange coloured skin. This product however has changed all that! I'm giving away a can of this beauty at the bottom so continue reading!
The thing that has me most excited about this product is that it "stays on 'til you wash it off", so if you make a mistake or simply get sick of having it on you just jump in the shower and wash it off with soap and water. The added bonus to this is that you don't get orange palms as you just wash your hands once you have applied it. For fake tan newbies like me this is the product for you!
Le Tan Wash Off comes in two colours, Bronze and Deep Bronze. I'm reviewing the Bronze as I am so pale and am just after a natural looking tan. It comes in a 100g turquoise can with a spray top that is protected by a plastic cap. It is small enough to be easy to use but a decent size so you will get quite a few uses out of it.
Before using this I exfoliated my knees and ankles and moisturised well as I had heard that fake tan likes to grab onto dry spots. To use you shake the can well and then holding the can about 15cm away from skin spray directly onto your skin. As soon as you have sprayed a small amount use your hand to rub the product into your skin in circular motions. I did this standing in my shower as I figured if it went everywhere it would be easy to wash off when I was in the shower next. Once you have finished applying the fake tan, wash your hands and then wait 60 seconds. It only takes 1 minute to dry and then you can get dressed and continue with your day! I know many people would be sceptical about it drying in 60 seconds but it really does! This is another reason for me loving the Le Tan Wash Off as you can use it any time of the day, even if you are in a rush. It doesn't transfer onto clothes or sheets. This has quite a pleasant scent-nothing too overpowering so if you don't like the smell of other fake tans this could win you over!
Below are my legs pre-tan. I've added extra large photos so you can see the subtle differences.
Below I have done one light layer of the spray tan. These two photos look incredibly similar but below you can see that my legs look more even and a little bit airbrushed. I quite like the effect that one layer gives as they still look like my legs just nicer.
And thirdly here is a shot of my legs after two coats, applied once the first coat had dried. This is more of the golden look most people are after. I have to admit I do like the colour it gives my legs but it is strange having tanned legs for once in my life!
Le Tan Wash Off is available from Priceline for $14.99.
Does this sound like something you would like to win? If so enter below!
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