Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mecca Cosmetica Makeup Event: NARS

Last Friday I had myself booked in for a makeup application at Mecca Cosmetica at Myer Melbourne as a part of one of their in-store events. Mecca holds these events every month and when I saw that this month featured NARS Lead Makeup Artist James Boehmer I called up straight away and booked myself in. I have a NARS blush in Orgasm and the Multiple in Portofino and absolutely love these products so couldn't wait to try some of their other products.
             (Image from www.tardeotemprano.net )
The makeup application itself cost $50 and this money is redeemable on products on the day (so pretty much a free professional makeup application!)

When I arrived I met the lovely Bec who was going to be my makeup artist for the evening. She asked me what I was looking for with the makeup and we had a good chat about her job, makeup and where I was headed for the rest of the night. Seeing as James Boehmer was there chatting to everyone about what we should try and what products to use I had to wait a little while but Bec applied moisturiser, primer, foundation, concealer and illuminator in this time and already I was thrilled with how my skin was looking.

When James came to Bec and me we decided to try a smokey eye look as I don't often get to wear lots of eye makeup. James is such a funny and friendly guy and made everyone feel at ease and shared so much insight into how best to achieve a smokey eye and what products should be used to make it look the best. It was fantastic being able to speak to someone with so much knowledge about makeup and is so highly sought after.
Once we had decided on a colour palette Bec used eyeliner, eyeshadows, brushes and lots of mascara to achieve my first ever smokey eye! While initially I was apprehensive about it I came away learning a lot and loving the look as it was something so different to what I would normally do.
As I was rushing to my anniversary dinner I didn't get any great quality pictures but here is one from the end of the night.
Once the makeup application was done I decided on what to buy and got a little carried away as I had only planned on buying one item. In my defence I got to see exactly how to use the products properly and they were coloured matched for my skin.
I love the packaging of Nars products-so simple yet so attractive! I purchased the Sheer Matte Foundation, Radiant Creamy Concealer and Blush in Gilda.
When they were packing my products they also popped in a free bag of NARS goodies for turning up to their event.

From left to right: Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Baroque, Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer and Aqua Gel Luminous Oil Free Moisturiser.
While the event has ended in Victoria, if you live in New South Wales you can still take part! James Boehmer will be at Mecca Cosmetica in Myer Sydney Thursday 3rd October & Friday 4th October and at Bondi Saturday 5th October.
The next in-store events at Mecca Cosmetica include Eve Lom's Luxury Facial (WA & NSW), Makeup Artist Sophia Killian from By Terry (QLD, SA & ACT) and Dr Dennis Gross' Park Avenue Peel (VIC & NSW). For more information see the Mecca Cosmetica website here.
Do these in-store events sound like something you are interested in? What brand would you love to do an event locally to you?


  1. AAaaaah jealous!! Lol what a beautiful haul, and you look gorgeous in the photo, I love your heart-shaped face :) I love events when I can get to them, I'd jump at the chance to go to a NARS event, I'd also love to attend an event for Lorac, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mecier or Stila.

    1. Thanks Krissy!! I love everything I got-and I did eye off the palette you bought last week! I don't know much about Lorac so that could be a good one to go to-I think a Bobbi Brown one would be perfect too!