Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's time for a shopping ban! / Project pan

Recently I have been busy buying so many products that I haven't realised just how many products I still have that I haven't used. I've been meaning to get to them but to be honest buying new products is much more fun. So when my bf decided we should go to the travel agent to get quotes for a trip to America next year I started feeling a bit worried. You see, I only work part time and it comes to a total of 13 hours of work each week. Eek! You do the maths! Luckily I earn an alright salary but I don't have work during the holidays as it is just when the kids are at school. Now with Christmas holidays coming up I realised I may be in a bit of strife for this holiday!

I got another 3 hours at work each week to add some money but I decided that I still need to reel in the shopping if I have any hope of having a good holiday. So this is where the shopping ban comes in :( no fun!
I've decided to use this to do a Project Pan. Most of you will be familiar with this. The theory is that you need to finish a certain number of items before you can buy again. I've decided my number is 30 (I'm feeling a bit crazy just writing that!)

The rules:
I have to finish 30 full sized or deluxe sample products before I can buy any non-essentials.

My essentials are:
- Shampoo & Conditioner (but only once I'm through with the other ones)
- 1 foundation if I run out of my current two
- Nail polish remover (if I'm going to be going through my stash I need a way to remove them!)

Other than that I'm thinking it's fair game! I have many moisturisers, face washes, scrubs, mascaras and lip balms. I really don't NEED to buy more (even if I WANT more).

At the end of each month I will update my number and go through them in my monthly empties post.

And my motivation? All the wonderful products I will "have" to buy in America because I'll have nothing left!!


  1. good luck! i love (and hate) shopping bans. at the end of the ban, you'll be surprised by how much more money you have :)

    1. Hopefully there will be a nice amount saved in my bank account!! I do have quite a few products to use it will just take its time!

  2. Good luck! Honestly, once you see how many products you are using it's fun :)

    1. Yep lots of products to use! I get stuck in wanting more products instead of using all the great ones I already have!