Sunday, September 29, 2013

Restaurant Review: Rosetta, Crown

It was Greg and my anniversary on Friday and he took the job himself on where we should go to dinner. I love eating out so was very excited for him to decide and all week I couldn't wait to find out where we were going as all I knew was that we were going to the city. 
We found our park and walked towards Crown (cue me being excited), and walked up to Rosetta, Neil Perry's Italian Restaurant situated at the Southgate end of Crown. The interior designers have done an amazing job with this restaurant and as soon as you walk in you feel at ease and like you have entered a traditional Italian Ristorante. Glass blown chandeliers hung from the ceiling and beautiful stone covered the walls. Greeted in Italian we were led to our table and given our beautiful menus (which I asked about and was allowed to take home).
While snacking on freshly made breadsticks we ordered a cocktail each. I decided on The Red Express (brandy, pineapple, lemon, pomegranate & prosecco $19) and Greg ordered a Penicillin (blended & smokey whiskies, ginger, lemon & honey $21). The Red Express was lovely and fruity, but the Penicillin was a bit too strong for me.
For our entrée we shared the Polpette al Forno (baked meatballs) $19. After trying some delicious meatballs in New York we were looking forward to see how these measured up and they did not disappoint! The three meatballs were so juicy and melt-in-your-mouth that I wished I could just eat these all night. Along with these we were offered fresh soft bread to dip in extra virgin olive oil (something I love as a change to the generic bread and butter).
For main we both picked a pasta dish- Greg had Lasagna al forno $39, and I had the Ox tail Ravioli $35. While I didn't try Greg's lasagne, he said it was very good and for a man that loves lasagne I take his word. My ravioli was served beautifully with spring carrots and had a burnt butter sauce. Although the servings don't look huge they were surprisingly filling.

Of course I had looked at the desserts first when opening the menu so I knew what I was going to order as it sounded so good! The Torrone al Cioccolato $21, a frozen chocolate, peanut and coconut semi freddo. The semi freddo had a crisp chocolate layer on the bottom and was sitting in a shallow pool of crème anglaise. All in all this dessert was 5 stars, something I would come back for.

Greg ordered the Torta al Cioccolato $20, which was a beautifully moist flourless chocolate cake. We both loved this cake and how it was different from the normally dense flourless cakes. This was garnished with grated chocolate and Chantilly cream.

We both had a fantastic time at Rosetta and it was the perfect place for an anniversary dinner. The classical Italian music made me feel like I was transported back into an old restaurant in Italy where you would find Frank Sinatra. For a special Italian meal I can't recommend Rosetta enough.


  1. Wonderful review, I think my favourite item had to be the Torta al Cioccolato!

    Happy anniversary! :)

    1. Thank you Nalini-we had a great night out! I love trying new restaurants asn I think this is one I'll be keen on going to again! The cake was so beautiful! Think I might need to try and recreate it at home!