Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Face Masks

In the past few months I have become a lot more diligent with using face masks, on my fancy named Mask Mondays. Every Monday night before bed I use a face mask and I have found this to be a great help for my skin. Below are the current masks that I use.

In Essence Botanically Active Purifying Mask
I've been using this mask most Mondays as I love how gentle yet effective it is on my skin. It has a light rose scent which is a nice scent to smell for the 10 minutes you need to leave it on for. Unlike clay masks, this one does not dry and crack on your skin so you don't get a tightening sensation. This mask has reduced the occurrence of breakouts and speeds up the healing process of pimples that I already have.

Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Masque
This is the only other mask that I currently own, and although it is slightly strange to use I quite like it. Firstly I much prefer the new tube packaging that Montagne Jeunesse has as I hated their multi-use sachets that would become super messy. Secondly feeling like you are peeling off a layer of snake skin is strange but quite fun! After 10 minutes this gel becomes dry and needs to be peeled off which takes some of the gunk with it. I use this mask when my skin feels a bit bumpy and it makes it nice and smooth again. It is the perfect mask to use before applying makeup as it creates the perfect base.
So as you can see I only own two masks currently! What are you favourite masks and are there any you think I should try out?


  1. I haven't tried either of these so thanks for the reviews! My favourite ATM is the origins drink up intensive that I featured in my most recent post :) xx

    1. Thanks for this suggestion Jasmine! I've had a look and they sell this on Sephora for $23 so I may have to buy it when overseas :)