Thursday, June 20, 2013

June Empties

As I am going away on Monday I have decided to do my empties post a little early. This month I really tried to use up some samples that have been sitting around in my room for ages.

- Playboy Play It Rock Parfum Deodorant
This was part of one of Priceline's Beauty Bags from last year. I felt like a teenager all over again using a product like this but it actually smelled quite nice. I used this when I was going to work at the pool so didn't want to wear an actual perfume. I probably wouldn't buy it for myself.

- Mitchum Advanced Control 48 Hour Strength & Protection
This was a freebie from the Mitchum facebook page. Honestly I did not like this as half-way through the day I could feel myself sweating which I never get when wearing my normal deodorant. I didn't find this effective. I wouldn't buy this.

- Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub
Another freebie through facebook and yet another product I didn't enjoy. I didn't see any difference when using this as my face scrub so not a product I would buy.

- The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Hand Cream
Yay a product I actually liked! I was lucky enough to get this from my KK from BeautyHeaven for Christmas last year. This is a thick hand cream with a lovely scent that I enjoyed using every night. I would purchase this.

- Priceline Nourishing Wipes
This was another product from a beauty bag and it was quite a basic product. There was nothing really to set it apart from all the other face wipes out there. It did an alright job but I wouldn't buy it as the lid doesn't stick down very well.

- Bioderma Crealine H2O
I think I'm the only person who doesn't love this product. It did an average job at removing my make-up, definitely nothing special. I felt like you needed to also use a fair amount of product on a cotton pad and for the price for a bottle it's not something I plan on buying to use.

- MOR Body Butter Samples : Lychee Flower, Italian Blood Orange, Belladonna, Marshmallow & Snow Gardenia
I was lucky enough to get these cute samples from BeautyHeaven's first Beautorium. My Favourite is Lychee Flower and I now own the full size pump bottle of this. Mor's body butters are super moisturising and smell divine. I will definitely buy these in the future.

How many products did you get through this month?

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