Sunday, June 2, 2013

My week in pictures!

I've seen a few different blogs do a similar thing so decided I would join in as I love taking snaps here and there of what I'm doing during the week. I post a lot of my pictures on Instagram (ID: Thepinkshoe) . Follow me if you like and I'll be sure to follow back :)

Last Saturday two of the kids I coach entered and swimming competition and left with seven medals! I was more than proud :)

I took my dog Ralph to his favourite park early on in the week. There is plenty of grass to run around on, other dogs to play with and drink bottles to find! He loves finding drink bottles and always wants me to throw them for him.

With the colder weather I've been spending my nights in front of the fire and Ralph has been lucky enough to join! Every five minutes he has to move as he gets too hot.

My Laduree x Uniqlo t-shirt arrived from eBay and I couldn't love it any more!

I had to include another pic of Ralph as it took me quite a while to get him into his jacket! (You can tell I love my dog!)

The oranges on our tree are ready to be picked! They are so fresh and better than any at the shops! Now I need to think of some great recipes.

To finish off my week I treated my bf to dinner at Mamasita in the city. It's such a great Mexican place and I always leave wanting more but I can never fit any more food in! Today I tried sweet corn and caramel ice cream and I loved it! However the bf didn't want to try one bit of it!

What did you get up to this week?

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