Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nail of the Day- Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Electric Emerald

Nail of the Day time!! Today I'm reviewing one of the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Colors. This is one of the nail polishes my mum brought back from America-win! (this is why I am writing the American version of color in the title!) The shade I got is Electric Emerald, which by looking at the bottle didnt seem like it would be amazing. It looks quite metallic, not bright green. I decided to try it anyway as the Magnetic polishes are very popular at the moment.

You first apply a base coat, and then one coat of the colour and allow it to dry.

A lovely emerald! I was very happy with this-so happy that I may just apply it like this in the future! I'm not usually one for green on my nails but this is a nice shiny one.
Next step. Shake the bottle to 'activate'. Apply a thick second coat to one nail and then hold the magnet directly over it for 10 seconds. The lid comes with a rest to place on your cuticle so that it is nice and close. After 10 seconds the pattern will have formed. Repeat with each nail one by one.

I kept looking after 10 seconds and being so happy that it was working! Definitely a novelty for me! I'm really happy with how this turned out and what the colour ended up like! It is a gorgeous green that I will be using again :) I used the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri drops over the colour and it dried quite quickly. This is a pretty fast manicure for the effect that you get. I probably wouldn't pay the $16.95 for it as even though I will use it, it won't get as much use compared to my other polishes. Also I have heard other brands are doing good quality magnetic polishes for a bit cheaper. Definitely happy I got it from America!!


  1. I love this colour, even by itself before it's 'magnetized'! So jealous you could get it from America! Nice work!

    1. Thanks Julz! I was surprised how much I liked it un-magnetised!!
      And I'm very lucky my mum bought some polishes overseas :)