Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Empties! Part 2

Alright, another empties pic coming your way!!

- Garnier Skin Naturals Ultra Lift
This jar is probably 4/5 empty but after reading an article about checking products shelf life I decided it was time to bin this as I hadn't used it in months. If anyone is unsure about their products there is usually a little jar on the container with a number on it. This number indicates how long the active ingredients generally last once opened. This cream was a nice product but I'm a bit unsure why I thought I needed an "Ultra Lift" as I would have bought it when I was 21!

- Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
OMG I love this serum! I was lucky enough to win a full bottle of this on Estee Lauder's facebook page and it has made such a big difference on my acne scars and the general quality of my skin. Although I'm only 23 and not in the product's target audience I will definitely be using this when I can afford it.

- Dove Pink Anti-perspirant Deodorant
This is my usual anti-persperant. It supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation and it works really well too! I love that the product is actually upside down so that you can use every last bit of it!

- Colgate MaxWhite One
This turned out to be a great toothpaste. I don't drink coffee or red wine and I don't smoke so I'm lucky that I don't have many stains on my teeth to begin with. This product lightened them at least one shade whiter without creating any sensitivity. I only used this twice a day instead of the recommended three times so I saw results in two weeks instead of the advertised one.

- L'Occitane Candied Rose Hand Cream
I was lucky enough to receive this in a gift pack one Christmas and have finally gotten around to finishing it. It is deeply moisturising and leaves a lovely scent. I used this every night before bed and would wake up with soft hands.

- Avon Supershock Max Mascara
This was another freebie from the BeautyHeaven Open Day and I fell in love with it. It perfectly coats my eyelashes and seperates them too. I decided it was time to bin this in December as it had been six months since I first started using it.

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