Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My first post in FOREVER

OK, I know..you probably either didn't notice I had disappeared or decided that I had falled off a large cliff seeing as I haven't posted since last year! There's a few reasons for this but firstly let me say a big sorry!! I definitely didn't mean to not write any posts but one week turned into one month, which turned into 4! Eek! Those on BeautyHeaven would have noticed I was still on there so here's why I have been MIA and some of the posts that will be up today, tomorrow and later this week!

1. I went on a Project Pan
Yes so in the hope of saving money for my trip this year (which btw is in 82 days!) I put myself on a beauty spending ban. My goal was to reach 30 products before buying anything apart from necessities. I have actually been really good with it, so good that I have not had much to review!

2. I got promoted at work
You're now looking at the head junior coach at my swimming club which means I am a lot more busy. I am planning sessions, coaching more hours and assisting at more competitions.

3. I've been planning my trip!
Only 82 days to go unti America!! I've been researching like a crazy lady!

So what can you look forward to reading soon?
1. My empties post :) lots of full size and sample products!
2. My freebies posts- being on a spending ban doesn't have to mean no products at all!
3. My America wishlists
4. My favourite products at the moment

So this are in the pipeline as we speak and underway! Also I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, New Year and Christmas (yep I've been gone that long!)


  1. Congrats on your promotion! That's always exciting!

    Makeup shopping in the states? :) xx

    1. Thanks Ms Jelena! I was pretty excited about the new title!
      I'll definitely be makeup shopping in the States :) I'll be in Sephora a few times most likely and I'll hopefully pick up some great items!