Thursday, August 22, 2013

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Review

After hearing bits and pieces about this French skincare brand, I was thrilled to see it was on sale at Priceline's 40% off skincare sale. Before I went on the pill I had terrible acne, and although it has mainly cleared up I still get hormonal breakouts-especially on my chin. I'm one of those bad people who can't help but pick at pimples (I know-so so bad!), so I've been after something that will stop them forming in the first place. After a few different product trials I think I've found my saviour!

Effaclar Duo is a white gel that you use on your face morning and night after cleansing. It claims to "Reduce the appearance of Imperfections" and "Unclogs sebum-blocked pores". I haven't seen a big improvement on the appearance of imperfections mainly because this beautiful product doesn't allow my pimples to form! I've been using it on my chin day and night and on the occasional bump that looks like it might become a pimple and I'm happy to say that I haven't had one breakout in two weeks. For me that is amazing as my chin was just a constant of pimples that wouldn't clear. I use Effaclar Duo after cleansing and toning, and before moisturising (I have read this can cause dry skin, so best to apply a moisturiser on top just in case).
I'm going to be continuing my use of this product as I am so thrilled to have found something that works with my skin. I am hoping that when I eventually come off the pill that this will help on bigger breakouts, but until then I will be using this to prevent anything further from popping up.
La Roche-Posay's Effaclar Duo is available in a 40ml tube and retails for $25.99 at Priceline.
Have you used any La Roche-Posay products before? Is there anything else in the range that you think I might like? 

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