Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My week in pictures

I enjoyed sharing what I had been up to last time so I decided why not do it again! I know some of you follow me on Instagram so some of these pictures will be familiar :)

The last few Friday nights my old swimming friends and I competed in a weekly relay night against other clubs. We took out the Senior A grade premiership and three of our clubs other teams came runners up in their divisions. I did this competition more than ten years ago too so it's fun to have a race with no pressure!


Last Saturday I caught up with some friends to celebrate my birthday. I baked a number of things including what is below- cookie dough truffles, buttered popcorn cookies and chocolate chip cookies. I also made some 'cake shots' using the cake vodka I bought in America, whipped cream and sprinkles. I also dipped the rims of the shot glasses in white chocolate and sprinkles.


I popped into Tuckshop Takeaway again this week and went head on into the sweets! I had the redskin milkshake (amazing!), a sweet jaffle (banana, liquid cheesecake & salted caramel) and the holey donut. The owners have worked at Heston Blummenthal's The Fat Duck in London and Attica here in Victoria. I will definitely be here again (especially as I have read they have made a redskin tart and lamination soft serve!).

Also recently I have been using nail polish a lot more as it is such a fun way to bring a bit of life to your look. I used OPI Mod About You and the OPI Matte Top Coat here and absolutely love it. I actually got this idea from Marie at Benefit Brow Bar and had to buy them in America!

I was lucky enough to be picked for a BeautyHeaven discovery bag so below is the Rimmel London nail polish I received on top of my Illamasqua Scorch polish.

 And finally I decided to recreate the look I had done at Trophy Wife Nail Art a few weeks ago and did a leopard print mani. I used a black nail pen for the outlines and loved how easy it was to achieve an effective look.

So there's my week again-what have you been up to lately? My instagram is Thepinkshoe if anyone would like to see what I am doing. I would love to follow you all too so pop your instagram below and I will follow you :)


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