Thursday, August 22, 2013

Philosophy Hands of Hope Review

Although I'm only 24 I go through hand creams so much due to working in a pool and doing a lot of baking. I suffer from dry hands that can be quite uncomfortable so I love a good hand cream. In the future (in addition to this post), I'll be reviewing all the hand creams I use as I know there are many others out there that need a thoroughly moisturising cream.
Anyway... on to the first review!
philosophy hands of hope

I was lucky enough to win a philosophy pack from BeautyHeaven and this cute hand and cuticle cream was inside. I find it is a mixture between a cream and a gel so it is a pretty interesting texture.
While it is a bit thicker in consistency to regular creams this doesn't translate to it being a thoroughly hydrating hand cream. It seems to hydrate the top layer but it doesn't really penetrate any further, which means my hands are feeling dry again in an hour. It has a very subtle scent so it is great for people you don't want to add yet another scent to themselves after possibly using body wash, moisturiser and perfume. I would give this hand cream a 7/10 as it has a nice consistency and scent but not hydrating enough for my hands. I would recommend this to someone with regular to medium dry hands.
philosophy hands of hope retails at $12 for a 30ml tube.

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