Sunday, August 4, 2013

Trophy Wife Nail Art

Yesterday my friend and I took advantage of a great deal Trophy Wife Nail Art has at the moment and got a full manicure with an apprentice for $30. We found this out through their Facebook page and had to do as they do the most awesome nail art. 

TWNA is located on Bridge rd, Richmond in Victoria and is situated on top of a hairdresser called Goldy & Locks. Upstairs there are couches to sit out while waiting for your manicure (TWNA don't do pedicures) and a big cake stand full of all the nail polishes they have to choose from.

The lovely Anthea was my nail artist and she helped me choose my colours as all I knew was that I wanted was a leopard print which is one they do so well. Once my polishes were decided on my nails were filed and buffed and then the polish was applied. I chose a pale pink as the base for all my nails and then pinks and a purple as the leopard spots. Anthea then used a black nail art pen to do the extra details and this step makes it look amazing.

A manicure and plain polish is $15 which must be one of the best deals going around. They also do group bookings of 8 or more which would be a great idea for a party. If you're in Melbourne and are after something a bit different for your nails I can't recommend Trophy Wife Nail Art enough. If you aren't in Melbourne (or just want to try the designs out for yourself), they have a book called The Hand Book, A Guide To Nail Art, which sells for $25 and is available in-store or on their website

How do you like your manicures? Simple? Or would you be willing to try out some more artistic designs?


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    1. I know it's too cute :) I've been staring at them way to often that my bf just thinks its funny.

  2. This is such a cute design! I haven't had a manicure in ages, now I really want one :)

    1. I know and they did such a good job :) I think you should treat yourself to one when you can Alina- it's made my week!